Live The Epic Confidence Of The Goddess
Join The Four Pillars Of Femininity
Your Essential Rituals For
Deep Intimacy, Fierce Confidence
Deep Healing & Feminine Empowerment
Live The Epic Confidence Of The Goddess
Join The 4 Pillars
Of Femininity
Your Essential Rituals
For Deep Intimacy
Fierce Confidence
Deep Healing &
Feminine Empowerment
The Perfect Tools To Start And End Your Day Like A Goddess
The Four Pillars Of Femininity program gives you access to the perfect feminine rituals, intentionally created to help you start taking care of yourself in a feminine & soul connected way, boost your vitality, heal your Inner Girl and embody the epic confidence of the Goddess
Discover The Path To Intimacy
Learn what you truly need to start taking care of yourself in a feminine and soul connected way. 
The key to love is self love. And intimacy will follow.
Boost Your
Radiance & Vitality
Feeling burnt out, depleted and lacking energy? No more running and being pulled apart. 
Access the feminine energy and experience how it feels to be connected to a stream of infinite energy

Heal Your
Inner Child
Looking for a miracle? 
Ask and you shall receive, love. Your Inner Girl holds the access to your creativity, joy and passion

Say Yes To Your  Feminine Energy
Walk the Earth feeling like a Goddess! We all have the wisdom of the Divine feminine locked inside. When we connect with it, through our womb and heart, we tap into our sensual power and embody epic confidence.

But What Does It Mean To Live Like A Goddess, Really?
We have all received at birth the Divine Feminine wisdom and power. The magnificence of The Feminine is locked in our DNA and we are here to reclaim it.

The feminine principle works in subtle and mysterious ways. That’s why we only experience the Divine Feminine in silence and prayer, through opening our bodies and hearts. As women, we can hold space for each other and share practices and rituals that make room for our inner power to flourish and manifest. 

The Four Pillars Of Femininity online course creates the perfect context for your femininity to flourish, step by step, day after day. I spent 17 years as a transformational coach and over eight working with women of all ages from all over the world, observing what they need, what they love and what they crave for.

I've worked with literally thousands of women, in workshops and live courses, creating, developing and perfecting these guided meditations and practical tools for amazing results.

More than that, I’ve created an original coaching method that allows women to feel and live like goddesses—which means: discover the path to intimacy, boost their confidence and vitality, heal their Inner Girl and ultimately tap into their full expressed sensuality and sexuality.

This course is your portal to that and now it's your time to live and feel like a Goddess!

Oana Stoianovici
Your coach & guide
Creator of The Four Pillars Of Femininity
Let's Get Even More Specific
  • Do you want to get quicker access to your feminine energy?
  • Craving for ​more love and increased self-confidence?
  • ​Looking for solutions to better understand how to boost your vital energy?
  • What about finding ways to focus more on what truly matters for you, as a woman?
  • ​Do you want to overcome your emotional and mental blocks—and get access to passion and freedom of self-expression?
  • ​Are your relationships with men confusing, unbalanced and complicated?
  • ​Do you feel the need to be more sensual and really allow yourself to be sexually free?
  • And last but not least, do you want to step up your self care routine and become more feminine and soul connected?
If You Said YES To At Least One Of These Questions, Here's What Women Who Took My Workshops Say....
"Oana is a force of nature. She is the only kind of facilitator that I would ever recommend."
Janet Laufenberg
MFT, clinical psychotherapist, certified in EMDR and specializing in the treatment of relational trauma for over 25 years, New Jersey, USA
“Working with Oana’s method taught me how to connect with my femininity, which I’ve been fully neglecting all my life."
Anca Harasim
Executive Director American Chamber of Commerce
“This journey was pure delight and joy. My projects have grown and my energy levels are expanding. I am in balance with myself, as a wife, mother of three, entrepreneur and leader."
Owner of Wisdom Coaching School 
These Are Your Go-To Feminine Rituals
Pillar One
The Sacred Space
Turn the Sacred Space Meditation into a daily practice and make it your go to support system. Connect with your intuition and access the wisdom within. After spending a few minutes in the Sacred Space of your Heart, you will access the peace of mind and resilience you need to stay true to yourself and connected to what matters the most. 

Pillar Two
Strengthening your connection with the energy of the Earth gives you vitality and strength
This Grounding Meditation helps you understand how your feminine body works, how to take care of yourself the feminine way, and access infinite streams of energyThis mediation can heal most of the feminine issues and it balances the emotional body
Pillar Three
The Inner girl
The Inner Girl is the bridge between your rational mind telling you what you want and your soul telling you what you truly need. When you consciously connect with your Inner Girl, through intention and meditation, she brings to life a reservoir of endless magic and joy. This is where authentic healing comes from and this is the fastest way to reclaim your Divine creativity.

Pillar Four
Owning the powerful mystery of the Goddess is your first step towards empowering the Woman. This meditation guides you through activating the archetypal energies of the Goddess (the Virgin, the Wild Woman, the Mother and the Wise Woman) enriching the way you experience femininity. You will become fully empowered, own your sensual power and use them to create a life that fulfils you deeply.
When You Buy This Course You Get...
  • 4 Transformational Audio Guided Meditations
  • ​4 Hours Of Inspirational Audio Teachings With Take-Home Tools That You Can Apply In Your Own Life
  • ​​4 Instructional Letters From Me With Key Coaching Tips
  • ​Printable Diary And Coaching Resources
  • ​BONUS ​1 Quick Fix Guided Meditation For More Vital Energy That You Can Do Anywhere
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Module Breakdown
Pillar One: The Sacred Space
  • The Sacred Space of the Heart is the foundational ritual for developing intuition and Divine feminine wisdom.
  • ​Connecting with your Sacred Heart helps you get clear about your needs and how to fulfil them.
  • This meditation gives you access to letting go of any conditioning, and to find your true rhythm and authentic voice.
  • ​The Sacred Space of the Heart is the place where you learn how to genuinely take care of yourself.
Pillar Two: Grounding
  • The Grounding Meditation helps you keep your physical body in balance, clearing out burnout, fatigue and anxiety.
  • ​It opens the subtle channels of your emotional body, improving your awareness, making you feel more rooted and confident.
  • You will ​learn how to consciously connect with your womb.
  • ​Helps with healing many of the common feminine health issues.
Pillar Three: The Inner Girl
  • Connecting with your Inner Girl allows you to access the Woman within.
  • ​You learn how to take care of the needs of your Inner Girl and stop sabotaging yourself, as a woman.
  • ​Once you learn how to take care of her, your Inner Girl leads you to the intimacy, softness and joyfulness that you’ve been craving for.
  • ​You will stop feeling needy and insecure.
  • You will start navigating through your emotions with ease and joy.
Pillar Four: Woman
  • This meditation activates the four basic feminine archetypes (the Virgin, the Wild Woman, the Mother, the Wise Woman), allowing you to express your womanhood bountifully.
  • ​It also activates your heart and womb.
  • ​You will start to make healthier decisions, aligned with your soul's calling.
  • ​You will start tapping into your passion and sensuality, using them in a healthy, mature and empowering way.
How It Actually Works
My journey as a transformational coach started 17 years ago, when my inner master guided me on a path to explore and passionately experience different techniques and healing practices created for our bodies and souls.

Developing and exploring these practices, from transformational coaching, to quantum healing work, shamanism, Tao and Tantra, gave me a full circle experience and educated me into a holistic approach of the human mind, soul and body.

I have been working with more than 25,000 of people over the years, both personally and in large groups, retreats and workshops. I had more than 10,000 paying clients and I have understood the dynamics that free us up and allow us to experience a fulfilling life. This is possible for all of us and for you too!

During the last 8 years, my greatest commitment has been to work with women and reestablish our connection with the Divine Feminine.

Meeting the Divine Feminine was part of my own unfolding as a woman, feeling burnt out and unsupported by a masculine driven society. 
I wanted to write my story as a woman in a unique way and I had no one to turn to for inspiration.

I felt it was time to reclaim the Divine Feminine and unleash its wisdom for me and for all the women who crave to live at their fullest potential, be their bravest version and shine their magnificent light on the world. 

Women are a force of nature! And we are here to heal, love, awaken and nourish all of life.

We are the leaders and way showers, the storytellers and the healers the Earth is waiting for. And, time has come for us to step into our power. 

My commitment is to serve your power, reunite you with your own inner wisdom and with the Divine Feminine and to allow you to come home into the Scared Circle of awakened women who are not afraid to be their best and show the way for others as well. 

The Four Pillars Of Femininity program is your entry point into the Divine Feminine awakening.

Through these meditations you will not only take your self-care routine to a whole new level, but you will also begin to access the portals through which the Divine Feminine guides you, teaches you, heals you and supports you in manifesting the life you truly want.

In love & sisterhood,
Who is this program created for?
If you've ever felt, deep down in your heart, an organic need to nurture and to be nurtured or if you've felt more at "home" when you acted following your intuition, then this program is for YOU.

If you've ever felt the fire in your belly, but did't know how to work with it to create that passionate life you crave for, than this course is the guide YOU need.

The Four Pillars Of Femininity will support your personal development and spiritual growth, by teaching you how to activate and work with the powerful force of the Divine Feminine.

And YES, both your personal and your professional life will benefit from it!

No matter if you're a mom, juggling between hundreds of to-dos and other people's emotions, a woman entrepreneur or a professional thriving in a masculine world, an artist immensely passionate about her creation, a healer or a woman coach, this course will give you the tools and method to take your power and gift to the next level of confidence, self-expression and manifestation.

Here are just some few examples of how the Divine Feminine can transform the way we feel and create.
Mothers Of All Ages
If you are a mother, you know that the effort you put into creating an amazing life for your kids, supporting your partner and thriving professionally.

The Four Pillars of Femininity will be your safety net. It is designed to give you comfort when you are overwhelmed, energy when you are tired, clarity when you need to guide everybody, and time. YES, time! You heard me. Time for yourself and for what your souls needs.

These amazing meditations will expand time and make you manifest a life where you count and you are included in your own day to day commitments.
Women entrepreneurs, managers and business professionals, thriving in a masculine world
Are you playing big? Are you a force of nature, using your creativity to express and build amazing results? Do you want more, faster and feel that people don’t support your vision?

Learn to balance your fire and leadership and back it up with patience, wisdom and a deep connectedness with yourself, your people and your vision.

Yes, we are all alive and we all need different things. The Four Pillars of Femininity will teach you how to activate your multidimensionality and lead from a place of wholeness.

You will perform in a feminine way and that means being an exceptional leader and an inspiring woman.
Creators, artists, champions and game changers
Innovating and going against the main stream is your middle name? Battling discipline, being fluid and organic? Experiencing blockages in your creative flow? Feeling isolated and without your tribe of healers, storytellers and visionaries?

The Four Pillars of Femininity will bring you into an overflowing creative state. It teaches you how to secure your own intelligence, get energy when you need support and attract the right magnificence whether through people, situations and genius ideas. 
MDs, Therapists, wellness & life coaches healing and empowering women all over the world
As a leader, you know the importance of walking the talk and being authentically available for your students and for your team, in a sustainable way. I totally relate! 

During my 17 years of practice, I had to expand beyond my personal life and be larger than life, many times. It does have its toll and it is challenging.

The Four Pillars of Femininity is your resource of energy, access to inner wisdom and portal for expanding, time and time again.

Join the Divine Feminine intelligence, because it is the exact resource you need to make a difference in the world.
Community leaders, teachers, researchers, social workers, and NGO founders creating excellence and equal representation
We need energy to be able to support and love others. As a community leader, you know how important it is to take care of yourself, to be fresh and vital for the people around you and guide your team, clients and projects from a place of wisdom, balance and inspiration. People rely on you and you are a resource.

The Four Pillars of Femininity can replenish and support you in supporting others. Also, when we connect with our intuition, we access a stream of wisdom and an easiness in generating miracles.

Join The Four Pillars of Femininity and expand your capacity to create miracles in your life and in the people you nurture.
"Connecting with my Inner Girl was something truly transformative."
HR Manager
“Oana’s method helped me navigate through my inner labyrinths, making me present to the subtle beauties and the healing powers of the feminine energy. I felt free and empowered.”
IT Specialist
"Oana’s workshops for women had a spectacular impact on me. I realised what exactly the power of an adult woman is when she owns it."
Service Manager
“My femininity started to open up. I felt more grounded and became a wholehearted orgasmic woman.”
Pilates instructor & certified TRE facilitator

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The Real Value Of What You Really Get
My Coaching Method
I've been a transformational coach for more than 17 years and during the last 8 I've worked with hundreds of women from all over the world, either in 1-to-1 coaching sessions or in group workshops. My regular fee is 450$/hour.

The Four Pillars of Femininity is the summing up of my method and now you can get the same amazing results for only 197 USD.  
Real value: $1,800
Coaching Tools, Prompts And Journal
Every single printable that comes with this course is originally designed, following hundreds of hours of coaching and it is inspired by the needs of the women I've worked with. The time, effort and the experience involved in designing the printables you get with this online course makes the whole pack worth $200. 
Real value: $60
Audio Guided Meditations
All the meditations you get with this course are created with intention. They are the expression of my coaching and spiritual experience, they embody my original method and are specifically aimed to activate the feminine archetypal energies. The real value of the five guided meditation is $400.
Real value: $120
Still Got Questions?
Is The Four Pillars Of Femininity Course Right For Me?
If you want to live a more feminine lifestyle and learn how to include in your daily life the benefits of the feminine energy, The Four Pillars Of Femininity is exactly what you need! This course teaches you how to work with four basic concepts (Sacred Space, Grounding Ritual, the Inner Child and The Four Feminine Archetypes) in the easiest and fanciest way. After going through the guided meditations and the coaching exercises, you’ll simply observe yourself feeling more easy and relaxed and ready to welcome new and juicy experiences in your life.
What If I've Never Worked With The Feminine Energy Before?
Well, that’s excellent! This course is, in fact, your entry point in working with the feminine energy. It’s designed for both beginners and advanced students who are simply looking for daily practices that keep the levels of energy in perfect balance.
What Does This Course Contain?
This course comes with 4 audio teachings, introducing to you the core concepts, 5 audio guided meditations, 4 printable coaching prompts and exercises, and 4 pre-recorded FAQs. Also, at the beginning of each pillar you’ll get a letter from Oana with in depth breakdown of each concept and its benefits.
Does This Online Course Contain Video Or Audio Material?
This course is 100% audio. Except for the prompts and coaching exercises which come in PDF, so that you can open and print them easily. We chose audio content over video content, because experience taught us that many of you use our teachings and meditations on the go, while commuting or before going to bed. So, we went for a plan that makes it easier for you.
How Can I Access This Course?
You can access the course by simply logging in the platform using your username and password. With a decent internet connection, you can access this course from all your devices (computer, iPad, phone etc.). No exception.
How Long Can I Have Access To This Course?
This course is yours for life, love.
How Can I Get Extra Support?
Just write to us and we’ll come back to you with full support. We take your well-being seriously, so we are ready to answer to any of your questions, anytime you need.
What If I'm Not Satisfied?
If you've done the whole work exactly as indicated and honestly feel you didn't get the value from the experience, please submit your worksheets within 30 days of your purchase. You will receive a follow up call from us and discuss the terms of issuing a refund.

Please bear in mind, if you don’t include all completed worksheets and you cannot prove that you’ve actually fully listened to the audio teachings and actually completed all the guided meditations within the 30 days period, no refund will be issued.
Does This Course Provide Therapeutical Work?
This course offers you transformational coaching and spiritual work and is intended for lifestyle support. It is NOT intended to solve, in any way, health or mental health issues. If you feel you need psychiatric or psychological support, we fully encourage you to seek professional advice from a healthcare practitioner.
Will I Enjoy Taking This Course?
Fully! We never make promises, but we can guarantee you that while developing this course we put lot of fun and joy in the process. Just release all expectations and allow yourself to relax, enjoy and discover new exciting things about you. After all, that’s the most powerful lesson the feminine energy teaches us.
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(Or 2 Monthly Payments Of $99)
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
As a life coach, I know how important it is for you to be sure that you make the right choice and to feel that your investment pays back. That’s why the Four Pillars Of Femininity online course comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee certificate. If you thoroughly go through the whole program and honestly feel the experience doesn’t make any difference, please write us within the first 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. We will ask for your completed worksheets, proof of listening to all the audio teachings and the guided meditations, plus a comprehensive explanation of what didn't work for you. Please note that a powerful transformational process can generate important changes in your life. Hence, we strongly recommend to allow these shifts to slowly integrate until you can actually get their right meaning and draw any conclusions. We advocate a full-cycle approach.
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