Sensuality Masterclass


Awaken your
Feminine Sensuality
Learn how to be Irresistible with
our 21-Days Sensuality Masterclass

Sensuality Masterclass

Awaken your
Feminine Sensuality


Learn how to be Irresistible with our 21-Days Sensuality Masterclass
This Sensuality Masterclass is created to help you fall in love with yourself and activate your feminine energy. Do you want to feel connected with yourself no matter what? Do you want to experience epic confidence and express magnetic beauty around men? Do you want to feel free to speak your authentic voice in the world?


 your startling beauty
"I can’t express my own feelings and I have difficulties in opening up to a relationship." Many of us experience lack of intimacy in our relationships. We feel disconnected from ourselves and experience only the longing for love. Activating your Sensual Self allows you to come back into your body. To feel your body as the home of your soul. In the process of this alignment you HEAL THE EXPERIENCE OF LONELINESS for good.
Attract deep intimacy and passion
"I want to feel more and be able to grow a more profound relationship with the man in my life." We all want to experience deep love and ecstatic passion with our partner. Yet, we all wait for our partner to generate this experience for us. But deep love and passion are ignited by the woman. When you are in your full sensual power, you crack open a man's heart and guide him into love. YOU ARE THE SECRET you've been waiting for.
Feel confident and be the queen of your life 
"I am tired all the time and I don’t know how to explore my own sexuality." Our hectic lives keep us disconnected from ourselves. Reclaiming our sensual nature heals this disconnection and connects us with the feminine energy. Through sensuality, we are reclaiming your inner rhythms, trusting our intuition, releasing our feminine energy into the world. It brings vitality, passion, clarity and power. This is the key TO MANIFESTING WHAT YOU WANT.
Why I created this Masterclass
Oana Stoianovici
Founder & CEO of The Feminine
Living the feminine way is not only about honouring how we look or about being immersed into how we carry ourselves into the world. It is also about a big shift in the way we think, feel, live, and flow within life. This means that we should also start to make room in our lives for all those things that make us blossom and connect us with our emotions, bodies and feminine cycles.

It was during one of my feminine initiations, in the heart of the Indonesian jungle, that I was awakened to my Sensuality. It started as a subtle shift in my perception. I noticed how my body started to relax and move with ease. Life started to move through me and I was suddenly awakened. I became soft, without feeling threatened and, for the first time in my life, I could ‘feel’ myself. I felt complete. I felt enriched by my own presence, within my body. The feeling of loneliness melted away. A new 'me' became present and I knew this was, in fact, only the beginning of the journey.

Sensuality became my inner sanctuary. The place where I retrieve, in order to connect with my passions, tend to my needs and dream my visions. It shaped me from deep within and transformed me into a confident woman.

I created this Sensuality Masterclass with the intention that all these could now be possible for you too!

When you honour how you feel, when you connect to your senses and tap into your sensual self, you immediately and immensely enhance the quality of your life and start experiencing those long craved passions, freedom, and intimacy.

Say YES to passion, freedom and intimacy now!

See you in the Masterclass, love!
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
How Can This Sensuality Masterclass Actually Transform Your Life
  • Overcome numbness and learn how to love your body
  • Reconnect with your body through easy exercises and proven practices
  • ​ Start feeling free & sensual now
  • Clear any blockage that keeps you away from your full magnetic beauty
  • ​Overcome hating your body, discover how to mother yourself and enjoy being and feeling like a woman
  • ​Heal emotions and learn how to embody your sensual power
  • ​Experience profound healing and generate deep love in your life
  • Explore the next level of your feminine power
  • ​Manifest your sensuality and attract love and abundance
  • ​Surrender, open, play and express yourself sensually, with no fear or shame.
What You Actually Get When You Buy This Course
  • 7 Facilitation Video Sessions
  • 6 Powerful Audio Guided Meditations
  • ​5 Facilitation Audio Sessions
  • Complete Workbook & Diary To Keep Track Of Your Progress
  • ​Unlimited Membership Access to a Supportive & Safe Community
  • ​100% Digital Content That You Can Access From Any Device
  • ​Yours For Life
Valued At 750 USD
Turn Daily Routine Into Powerful Rituals
With 3 EXCLUSIVE Transformational Tutorials
  • Breathing Tutorial: Simple breathing technique to reduce stress, quiet your mind, and connect with your body.
  • The Healing Power Of Touch: Get over past trauma by learning how to tap into your body’s own capacity to heal and regenerate.
  • Create Your Own Altar: Step-by-step guidance into how to set your own sacred space and ritualize your intentions so they attract amazing results.
Valued At 47 USD
  • The Feminine Special Diary to help you keep track of your progress.
  • ​The power of this Sensuality Masterclass comes from the clarity of your intention.
  • This 21 day diary is designed to help you set a clear intention and create a safe container that captures your insights, inspiration and your unfolding.
Valued At 47 USD
US$ 750
Best Value
US$ 275
(Or 3 Monthly Payments Of $97)
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What Women Say about sensuality Masterclass
Real Woman, With Real Transformations....
What women say about Sensuality Masterclass
Real Women, With Real Transformations....
"Cultivating my sensuality helped me tune into my inner rhythms. I gathered the courage to state my truth and the power to show the whole world who I truly am, what I need and what I desire. Also, the sensual energy that I've been cultivating helped my mother (yes, that also happens!) heal her years long depression and took our relationship to a whole new level. Now, we are not only mother and daughter, but sisters and best friends."
“This journey was a delight and pure joy. It helped me know myself better and it allowed me to spend time with myself. My projects have grown and my vitality and energy levels are constantly expanding. I feel in balance with myself, as a wife and mother of three children, entrepreneur and leader, while also being a woman. For every aspect of my life I have different wishes and needs that I now take care of. I have a high level of fulfilment and joy. Thank you, Oana, for this journey full of unforgettable experiences!

"As a coach, Oana empowers you to grasp that dream and chase it until it happens. As a spiritual healer, she holds space until your heart opens and the light shines through. There's where healing begins. As a woman, she drives you in, making you feel passionate, desiring and daring. As a human being, she is vulnerable in the most powerful way. Everything she does is intentional. And her method works because she brings all these facets together, mixing knowledge, intuition, passion and compassion, tapping into the most subtle complexities of the human soul. If you feel stuck in any way, looking for a miracle or if you simply want to spice up your life, take her classes! Your future self shall thank you."
Connect with your feminine energy and activate your sensuality
  • You discover that you have the power to create yourself as a sensual being and learn how to express yourself as a Vibrant Sensual Woman.
  • ​In this module you will discover that YOU have the power to create your own life, become powerful and learn how to manifest your desires.
  • Watch the video lesson and learn how to set your intention for this Masterclass.
  • Start accessing your sensuality step by step, with our follow through worksheet.
Sacred space & ritual practice
  • ​ Tired of feeling anxious, lonely or driving in circles without any positive outcome?​
  • ​In this module you get to feel your body rooted, fluid and vibrant, while you learn how to access infinite energy. This will enliven you from inside out and start to activate your abundance.
  • ​Watch the video lesson and learn how to use ritual to activate your Sacred Heart.
  • ​Learn the ancient secrets to transform and manifest everything you want.
  • ​Follow up with the audio guided meditation to activate the Sacred Space of your Heart.
  • ​Use our beautiful video tutorial to learn how to create your own altar.
Activate your sensuality
  • ​Shut down or feeling disconnected from your body? Not feeling pleasure in a fulfilling way? Too shy to ask for what you truly need?
  • ​In this module you learn how to heal your relationship with your sexual energy. Knowing yourself sexually leads to unshaken confidence and mesmerising sensuality. What is the nature of your sexual energy? What is the purpose of your sexual energy? As we learn to define who we are on a sexual level, we learn how to meet the other with authenticity.
  • Watch the video lesson to learn how to ​release stress, tension, anxiety and past trauma.
  • ​Follow up with the audio guided meditation to activate and start expressing your sexual energy in the most fulfilling way.
  • Finish with our exquisite video tutorial - a simple breathing technique to reduce stress, clear your head, and connect with your body the feminine way.
Heal past wounds
  • Feeling unloved, unsupported and craving for deep connection?​
  • Learn how to mother your Inner Child's broken parts & manifest self-love in an actionable way. You will rewrite your Inner Girl's and adolescent's story around intimacy and pleasure, from a place of love and wisdom.
  • ​Watch the video lesson and ​discover the big secret of why taking care of your Inner Child is the key to unlocking the full bloom woman.
  • ​Follow up with the audio guided meditation - take a fantastic journey into your past, in the safest way.
  • ​Start unlocking your authentic self with our follow through worksheet.
The sacred power of touch
  • Experiencing blockages (shame, guild, rigidity, trauma) in your intimate and sexual relationships?
  • ​Learn the art of touch and discover how neutral touch can heal your sexuality. Restore those broken parts that have been fragmented due to emotional injury and trauma. The power of touch is so strong that you will finally overcome numbness and all those defensive self-protective mechanisms.
  • ​Follow up with the audio guided meditation and open up to attract deep intimacy in your life.
  • ​​Finish with the video tutorial and learn how to bring healing to your body and soul through gentle touch.
Releasing the woman
  • In module six you will learn how to harness your intuition, cultivate your sensuality and experience wisdom and spiritual power.
  • ​You will be awakened to your Vibrant Sensuality and experience how cultivating sensuality can have an immense impact on your intuition, feminine wisdom and overall charisma.
  • Watch the video lesson and learn how ​to let your senses guide you through a new way of experiencing life and womanhood.
  • ​Follow up with the audio guided meditation and learn how to design your own 7-day Rite Of Passage.
Manifesting your sensuality
  • Learn to live sensually and become a source of compassion and authentic empathy for those around you.
  • You take the lead and start applying everything you’ve learned in your daily life. You will experience how it feels to be in love with yourself no matter the circumstances, during a 21-days rite of passage. You will be able to access the power and vibrancy of your Sensual Self and grow it to become a way of creating and expressing yourself as a Vibrant Confident Woman.
  • ​Open to your magnetic radiance and express it into the world. 
  • Attract what you deserve and beyond.
  • Watch the video lesson and learn ​​how to live life as a highly sensual woman.
  • ​Follow up with the audio guided meditation and live 21 days of sensuality, keeping record of your unfolding, using our special diary.
Plus two new features
And because many of our graduates asked for a more in depth work on trauma - physical and emotional, I am proud to announce that starting with this edition, the Sensuality Masterclass is going to include two powerful new features:
How to engage sensually with your lover
Bring the erotic language into your love and sex life, spice up your connection and guide your partner into opening up for sensual play and slow sex.

Life after
How to live a sensual life after trauma and how to bring more vibrancy in your day-to-day life. 
Best Value
(Or 3 Monthly Payments Of $97)
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
What women say about Sensuality Masterclass
Real Woman, With Real Transformations....
"When I started this Sensuality Masterclass I was a little shy about my sexuality. My intention was to improve my connection with my sensual nature and with my sexuality. I wished to express myself with no fear and no shame. And YES, the Sensuality Masterclass was an important leap. Oana’s graceful guidance and the practical exercises helped me connect with my senses and be more present to the needs of my body. Results started to show up, both in my marriage and my social life. I would greatly recommend this course to any woman who wishes to know herself better and who desires to learn how to express her sensuality with femininity, power and confidence."
"I started this Masterclass with the intention to open up to pleasure in the healthiest way, to gain trust and honor my body. The guided meditations, practical exercises and the inspiring tutorials offer you guidance and give you enough space and time to start creating a better connection with your body and with your senses. I gained much more awareness regarding what’s good and not good for me. I’ve learned to start choosing in respect with what I like and with what inspires me, and I came out of it with greater ownership of my sensuality. This extends also to my social and professional life, as I feel more inspired and full of vital energy. The best part? It’s fun and easy to follow!"
"The Sensuality Masterclass is about "truth". I enrolled curious to know the truth about sensuality and discovered a unique tool for uncovering the truth about any possible situation in my life. That tool is Sensuality itself. The sacred connection with the senses is what allows a woman to feel her way beyond masks and veils, and get to the heart of the matter. Thanks to this Masterclass I am now able to flow from one emotion to the other, from one space to the other, all the while enjoying the process! Femininity is all about the ability to flow and be relaxed with the experience of being alive, while sensuality is all about enabling that flow."
"Working with Oana reminded me about the most important thing in the world — I am a woman! She made me aware of what I feel and how I feel, and gave me the right tools to help me define my femininity and my sensuality. Now, I am able to see how an awakened sensuality simply transforms your life! I am not afraid to feel and let go and I am also conformable with being vulnerable, warm, cuddly and loving. I feel the beauty in every cell of my body."
Frequently asked questions
Is this Sensuality Masterclass right for me?
Are you a woman? Do you have dreams? Are you craving for more tenderness, passion, vitality, and deep intimacy in your life? Are there things that you want to heal or improve? Do you want to be more aware of your own body? Wish you could feel more intense and become more magnetic? Are you in for new fulfilling experiences? Then YES, this Sensuality Masterclass is your best choice!

There are so many limiting beliefs keeping us away from living our womanhood to its full potential. This Sensuality Masterclass taps right into your own truth and coaches you to win over shame, fear, insensitivity, abandonment or whatever past experiences are holding you back.
How is this Sensuality Masterclass different from other similar programs?
To be fully honest, in my many years of coaching women, I’ve never encountered a similar program. There are many excellent Tantra workshops or programs dealing with sexual or emotional blockages. Also, there are many other excellent coaching programs for women, aimed at teaching leadership skills.

But this Sensuality Masterclass is BEYOND that!

FIRST, it is an original method, that I’ve personally developed and applied for the past seven years, in live workshops and one-on-one coaching. It brings together ancient healing methods and contemporary coaching techniques, meant to work on your physical body, emotional body and spiritual body all at once, for holistic long lasting results. Working so close to so many women taught me not only what they need, but also what methods they respond better to.

SECOND, this Sensuality Masterclass is designed not only to make you aware of what you need and what changes you ought to make in your life. It also gives you a very customised support structure that aids you to track your progress and overcome any blockages that might occur along the way. This results not only in healing past wounds, but also in giving you a clear framework of what you should change in your lifestyle for a more feminine and sensual experience.

And THIRD, this Sensuality Masterclass works like a Rite of Passage. Which means it is not only designed for sole transformational purposes, but it also acts as a bridge between worlds. Once you have completed this Masterclass, you will start a whole new chapter in the way you live, experience and express your femininity into the world.
What’s the exact structure of this Sensuality Masterclass?
This Masterclass is structured in 7 Chapters. Each chapter has a very specific theme and it is so designed with purpose. Therefore, I truly advise you to stick with the order and avoid skipping Chapters.

Each Chapter starts with a video lesson and comprises a printable worksheet you should keep handy while watching.

Most of the Chapters come with an audio guided meditation you should do as indicated in each video lesson.

Also, we’ve created three very practical tutorials and a diary that helps you keep track of your progress.

Each Chapter also comes with a short inspirational video, meant to bring you closer to your desired goals. Because YES, we all need some juicy inspiration from time to time. Any woman knows that!
How long can I access the Masterclass?
This Masterclass is yours to keep for life! Once you enroll, you can access your classes in a blink of an eye, from any desktop or mobile device. You can play, pause and review at your own pace.
How can I get support?
Once you enroll, you will be granted access to a private Facebook group. You will find here not only a community of wonderful women, but also my team and I. We will be fully present, ready to answer your top questions and help you keep moving forward.
What if I’m not satisfied with the Sensuality Masterclass?
If you've done the whole work exactly as indicated and honestly feel you didn't get the value from the experience, please submit your worksheets within 20 days of your purchase. You will receive a follow up call from us and discuss the terms of issuing a refund.

Please bear in mind, if you don’t include all completed worksheets and you cannot prove that you’ve actually fully watched the video lessons and completed all the guided meditations within the 20 day period, no refund will be issued.
"After doing the Sensuality Masterclass so much has changed for me. Especially with my career; I have spent the last few years pushing, trying and feeling frustrated with everything, seemingly unable to make progress with my job and my direction in life. As soon as I took the time to do the masterclass, and to implement some feminine practises in my daily life, I have gone through a huge period of transformation and progress. Taking a step back, breathing and allowing things to flow, whilst following my intuition first, has been the greatest lesson to have learnt from this powerful course."
“Major breakthrough: As a highly sexual being since early childhood and into adulthood, always being so drawn to men (as teachers, father-figures, lovers, friends, spiritual leaders, strangers), I finally connected with my Inner Girl and what she revealed to me was her INNOCENCE. I see now, how my lifelong search for love from males has resulted in a subtle pattern of manipulating, seducing & outsmarting men in order to experience or earn some love & attention. During the Guided Meditation (Lesson 4, Sensuality Masterclass) I also saw clearly that my Inner Girl is needing Unconditional LOVE, to replace the hyper-critical inner bully who has been beating myself up my whole life. I am not only seeing myself in a new way, I'm also looking at men from a much more innocent, compassionate and curious perspective.
Now it's your turn to experience amazing transformation
Say YES to your femininity and sensuality!
Best Value
(Or 3 Monthly Payments Of $97)
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
100% Happiness Guarantee
As a life coach, I know how important is for you to be sure you make the right choice and to feel that your investment pays back. That’s why this Sensuality Masterclass comes with a 100% Happiness Guarantee commitment. However, if you do go through the whole program and honestly feel the experience doesn’t make any difference, please write us within the first 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. We will ask for your completed worksheets, proof of attending the video lessons and the guided meditations, plus a comprehensive explanation of what didn't work for you. Please note that a powerful transformational process can also come with intense emotions that can generate important changes in your life. Hence, we strongly recommend to allow these shifts to slowly integrate until you can actually get their right meaning. We advocate a full-cycle approach.
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